Flam Blocker - Fire Retardant

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Flam Blocker macht un-entzündbar!

Flam Blocker is a water-based Class A fire retardant specially formulated to effectively protect most absorbent materials (Class A materials) from the spread of flame and smoke.

Applicable e.g. for uniforms, mattresses, boxes, car seats ect.

It forms a surface temperature barrier, stops the absorption of flammable liquids, creates a pre-cooling and cooling effect and does not damage equipment.

non-toxic, non-corrosive, 100% biodegradable, no PBT, fluorine-free. HMIS like water.

Application range: -5ºC – +50ºC
Durability: unlimited
pH: 8,3
HS-Code: 38130000
EAN-Code: 3857500038609
no transport restrictions
Packaging: 500ml spray can, 1l / 5l / 20l PE canister or on request

Bottle prices per 100ml

  • 0,5 Liter: 3,86 €
  • 1Liter: 3,45 €
  • 5 Liter: 3,22 €
  • 20 Liter: 2,82 €
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