flam 6 – erhöht die Löschkraft von Wasser um das 20fache!!!

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flam 6 is an all-purpose wetting agent for fire classes ABFD.

The liquid does not damage equipment and is suitable for all pressurized equipment.

Non-toxic, corrosive or aggressive.

Eco-friendly product (100% degradable) without PBT, fluorine-free, HMIS like water

A flam6/water mixture extinguishes the fire 20 times more effectively than pure water.

Saves time and water and increases safety.

proportioning rate: A: 1-3% B: 3-6% F/D: 10-12%
Scope of application: flam6: -5°C – +50°C flam 6s: -40°C – +50°C
Durability: unlimited
pH: 7,3
HS-Code: 38130000
No transport restrictions
EAN-Code: 3857500038661
Packaging: 20 l PE canister or on request

Bottle prices per 100ml

  • 1 Liter: 2,98 €/100ml
  • 5 Liter: 2,81 €/100ml
  • 20 Liter: 2,38 €/100ml
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